The Dads

Dave Cook

dave and jackson looking dumb and friendless

Dave is a foster dad who is significantly older than Zach. In his over five years of experience fostering teenage boys, he has had thirteen long term placements and innumerable short term placements. Dave collects either Volkswagens or used Bandaids, but the writer of this bio can’t remember and likewise can’t be bothered to find out. One time he mistakenly believed he would be named “Foster Parent of the Month.”

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Zach DeLoach

20180801_150217-e1533153961703Zach is an adoptive dad who is significantly younger than Dave. He and his wife Gabrielle are the proud parents of a teenage son they adopted from foster care. An aspiring author, Zach is no longer allowed to use the camera for important family events because he always takes poor quality photos. He is perhaps most well-known for using the restroom in three different countries on the same day in 2008.

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