If you’ve found our content beneficial and you’d like to help us out, we would be catastrophically humbled. There are three primary ways to support The Foster Dads.

The first is to share our content, either on your social media or with specific individuals you think might like it.

The second would be to write a guest post. Part of our goal is to amplify the voices of other foster/adoptive dads, and if you’ve got something you want to share, we would love to partner with you.

The third way to support us is through monetary support. Please know that any donations we receive would not be used to buy Lamborghinis, but will go directly back into improving and expanding The Foster Dads. We have two primary focuses for the income we’ve received:

  1. Advertisement: We want as many people as possible to be presented with our site, and advertising through social media is a major part of that. Even a small bit of cash can go a long way in helping others find our content!
  2. Podcast: Even before we started this blog, we’ve dreamed of having a podcast where we can have laidback conversations about issues in foster/adoptive parenting. Zach has podcasting experience, but what we need is equipment!

Below are two separate ways you can support us financially.


Unbelievably generous and uncalled-for donation

If you're some bizarrely generous person who wants to just give away your hard-earned money to two dumb idiots like us, two things: 1. What is wrong with you? 2. Good grief, thank you so much!




Stickers (x4)

Want to represent The Foster Dads in your community? You’re in luck, because now you can pick up a pack of four logo stickers. They’re two inches in diameter and great to put on car windows, water bottles, laptops, etc. Since we're just two guys, please allow some time for shipping. However, if you haven't gotten your stickers after "some time", feel free to contact us at